3d printing

Interactive Live Art

Step 1: take picture of unsuspecting participant Step 2: crop and project onto scenes throughout time

“Pushing grains of sand to build Pyramids.”

— Maya Angelou
Spoken as she slid her finger slowly across a black office table with crystal clear eye contact. Said while missing the Visionarium experience at SGI (Silicon Graphics).

This is hands the best projection mapping video I have seen— the video rivals the Amon Toben ISAM groundbreaking installation in that this video reveals so much about how this was done.

I really appreciate the openness of creation that is shared in this video. Time lapse plants growing within a small scale model of the building? So awesome. I feel like I just was granted 5+++ ideas for what I want to do next.

If you have any interest at all in projection art, you need to watch this. Obscura killing it, again.

Bacteria farming and Software design. | AntiVJ

Damn I wish I knew Cinder. Sort of I guess. I don’t even know C++