Josiah McElhenyIsland Universe, 2008. Chromed aluminum, handblown glass, electric lights. Consisting of five elements arranged in a grid at specific heights Dimensions variable, largest element is approximately 12’ in diameter, smallest is approximately 7’ in diameter.

Installation view:
White Cube, London
“Island Universe”
October 14 - November 15, 2008

© Josiah McElheny

Large scale projection mapping

Projection Mapping great use of space, true surface illusion

Flat wall, but the render is done in 3d… very effective, haven’t seen this before.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Gary Payton Tribute
Acrylic on Canvas

great video and what looks like really awesome cinema 4d

MUTEMATH Stage Projection Mapping (by Rabbit Hole Creative)

3D Architecture Mapping /// Bordos.Artworks & Invited Artists (HU) /// Mapping Festival 2012 (by mappingfestival)

(1). still camera (tripod) or animation that does not jiggle
(2). does not have to be original work by MC Escher, in fact it can’t be, as Escher did not do animation ;)