And then there is the idea of putting something like a dj/vj booth in the middle of the screens. can’t tell for sure if this is layered screens.

Wow, so much to be said for replicated cubes…. simple powerful geometry.

Classic. One of the first over the top projection mappings.

Don’t really love the sexy lady dancing to house music but the sounds effects are great for the cube transitions.

Awesome projection mapping, sound could be far better mapped more to effects.

Althought that comment made before 1:30.. sound reactive visuals is something I could do prior to final render.

Great example of use of sound effects in projection mapping…

Maui Glass Blowing

This is the recent site I finished. It’s the most complete site I’ve created from the logo design and layout to the implementation of the ecommerce store. It helped alot that the photos and the artwork is superb. Thanks for checking it out!

Lumeria photoshoot colorbox